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June 30 2016


Smaller Manufacturers Increasingly Receive Help With Their Inventory-Tracking Needs

Running a small manufacturing business today can be incredibly challenging. Manufacturing used to be thought of as one of the most straightforward industries of all, with small-town operations all across the country operating in tractable, predictable ways. Since then, though, things have changed greatly, and relatively few small manufacturers can afford to stick to the ways of the past. Instead, many manufacturers today maintain not only active physical presences, but a number of distinct ones online. As a result, the industry has become much more complicated.

Allen Baler

One of the greatest associated challenges is the need to keep inventory figures up to date with activities occurring at each presence. Selling a particular product anywhere is always something to be celebrated, but doing so without making sure that stock levels are updated accurately can be troublesome. For a company that sells a product online through a particular wholesaler, for example, but without reflecting that fact at an an independent e-commerce site, negative customer experiences can easily follow.

Unfortunately, many manufacturers feel compelled to address such challenges in relatively crude, ineffective ways. Whether with a few distinct items to keep track of or thousands, any small manufacturer who strives to keep up manually with such disparate developments will likely be in for some trouble. Many have managed to get by in such ways until now, but the need to do so is thankfully starting to disappear.

The reason for that is the appearance of a modern wave of inventory management solutions that provide what today's manufacturers need. Companies like numbercruncher have been working hard to come up with ways of greatly simplifying what has too often turned out to be extremely complex work. As can be seen at numbercruncher.com, a manufacturing-aware platform that integrates smoothly with other systems can do exactly what is needed to streamline a business and make it more reliable.

Instead of struggling in ad-hoc ways to keep up with the demands of an overly complex business flow, manufacturers who take advantage of such tools can focus on what they are best at. Even while some difficult times have already been endured, the situation is therefore becoming much more pleasant. 

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